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1998 Series

  • 98/1 Main Phases and Salient Features of Turkish Foreign Aid Experience
    Fikret Şenses
  • 98/2 Bağımlılık Kuramı ve Güney Kore Deneyimi
    Cem Somel
  • 98/3 Measuring the Impact of Trade Flows on Employment in the Turkish Manufacturing Industry
    Güzin Erlat
  • 98/4 The Characterictics of Capital Inflows in Turkey: An Econometric Investigation
    A.Tarkan Cavusoğlu, Nil Demet Güngör and Hasan Olgun
  • 98/5 A Proposed Index for Measuring "Globaliization" of National Economies
    Mustafa İsmihan, Hasan Olgun and Fatma M. Utku
  • 98/6 Workers Displaced Due Privatization in Turkey; Before Versus After Displacement
    Aysıt Tansel
  • 98/7 How Students Allocate Their Time:METU 1995
    Zehra Kasnakoğlu, Meltem Dayıoğlu and Erkan Erdil
  • 98/8 Dynamics of a Regional Economy through the Temettuau Defters:Bayindir(Izmir) in 1845
    Alp Yücel Kaya
  • 98/9 Economic Growth and Convergence: An Application to the Provinces of Turkey, 1975-1995
    Aysıt Tansel, Nil Demet Güngör
  • 98/10 Long Term Trends of Capitalism and Democracy:Convergence or Divergence?
    Eyüp Özveren
  • 98/11 Sustainability of Budget Deficits in Turkey with Structural Shift
    Erdal Özmen and Çiğdem İzgi Koğar
  • 98/12 Provisioning IstanbulŞ Ottoman State Leather Trade and Tanner Guilds in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century
    Onur Yıldırım
  • 98/13 Siyaset ve Mekansal Olcek Sorunu: Yerelci Stratejinin Bir Elestrisi
    Tarik Sengul
  • 98/14 Endogenous Expectations-Driven Business cycles in Models with Deterministic Equilibrium Dynamics: A Survey
    Esma Gaygisiz

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