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Abstract: Ikinci Dünya Savasi’ni izleyen günlerde sosyalist ülkelerle birlikte gelismekte olan ülkelerin en temel toplumsal amaçlarindan biri olarak ortaya çikan sanayilesmenin özellikle son yirmi yilda çok büyük ölçüde gündemden düstügü gözlenmektedir



Job Satisfaction in Britain: Individual and Job Related Factors

Þaziye Gazioðlu and Aysýt Tansel


Recently there is a resurgence of interest in the analysis of job satisfaction variables.   Job satisfaction is correlated with labor market behavior such as productivity, quits and absenteeism.  Recent work examined job satisfaction in relation to various factors.    In this paper four different measures of job satisfaction are related to a variety of personal and job characteristics. We use a unique data of 28 240 British employees Workplace Employee Relations Survey (WERS97).  Our data set is larger and more recent than in the previous studies. The four measures of job satisfaction considered are satisfaction with influence over job, satisfaction with amount of pay, satisfaction with sense of achievement and satisfaction with respect from supervisors.  Although the job satisfaction measures we use are somewhat different than those that are previously used in the literature, a number of results that are commonly obtained with international data are found to hold in our data set as well. 

Key Words: Job Satisfaction, Individual Characteristics, Job Related Factors, Britain

JEL Classifications: L20, L29, J50

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