TOBB Turkish Economy Research Award

The Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Maritime Trade and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) will give an award (10,000 USD) to the best paper presented in the 7th International METU Conference in Economics on the dynamics of the Turkish economy. The "TOBB Research Award on the Turkish Economy" aims at rewarding original scientific research that focuses especially on the following topics:

  1. The short-term and long-term problems of the real sector of the Turkish economy (productivity, innovativeness, entrepreneurship, labor, technology, finance, small and medium sized enterprises, governance, etc.)
  2. Dynamics of the Turkish economy, prospects for growth and development (international competitiveness, international trade, structural change, sectoral growth, national system of innovation, European integration, etc.)
  3. Economic policies and strategies (industrial policies, trade policies, agricultural policies, technology and innovation policies, corporate sector restructuring, firm strategies, etc.)
  • Papers submitted for the award should be unpublished.
  • Full papers accepted for presentation must be received by ERC before July 15, 2003
  • TOBB has the right to publish the award winning papers. Authors may publish their articles in a different journal/book only after it is published by TOBB.
  • The Award Jury will be formed by TOBB and the Programme Committee. The award will be distributed among the winners if more than one paper wins the award.
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